A micro scanner on the paper making machine which is located immediately before the ‘reeling’ stage provides a tool to monitor and control grammage, thickness, moisture and the colour or whiteness of the sheet. The full width of the sheet is continually measured and this information is fed back to the state-of-the-art control room to monitor the pulp flow and recipe.

During manufacture curl is controlled when forming the sheet and each subsequent part of the process is managed to minimise curl development in the sheet..




During manufacture, the surface of the sheet has surface sizing added. This is essentially a starch based solution applied to both sides of the sheet before it enters the final drying stage. This solution is added in exact quantities to improve printability, enhance surface strength and improve toner adhesion. Inkjet print quality is also improved in terms of the quality of the image and reducing wicking and ink bleed..

Analysis One

Analysis Two

Analysis Three

The Result:

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